About Us

Betsy Thurston

Betsy Thomas graduated from UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas in 2007 with BS in Clinical Nutrition. She has been working since then as a Registered Dietitian. She works primarily with overweight and obese patients to help them lose weight and manage their chronic conditions with diet. She also specializes in dietary management of diabetes. She can be contacted at Betsy.Thurston@weightlossdiets4women.com

Charmaine Mercado

Charmaine D. Mercado, MA, is a freelance writer and researcher whose areas of concentration include natural health topics such as holistic nutrition, veganism, the raw food diet, superfoods, weight loss, longevity, anti-aging medicine, supplementation, and various alternative healing protocols. She has been working with doctors since 2003, some of them being easily recognizable names in the industry. Once promoting pharmaceutical drugs and highly refined and processed foods, she now writes about what truly cures and nourishes the body. She can be contacted at Charmaine.Mercado@weightlossdiets4women.com

Dana Gore

Dana Gore is a Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS) through Fitness Institute International. She writes and publishes articles that teach people how to think their way slim and fit. Using a combination of logic, formal education in the health and fitness industry and spirituality, she inspires people to understand that we are all only as limited as we THINK we are. In order for her to give advice, she had to learn it, live it and become what she coaches. You can contact Dana at Dana.Gore@weightlossdiets4women.com

Holly Klamer

Holly Klamer (RD), graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition from Colorado State University in 2009 and Bachelor of Science in Dietetics & Health Fitness from Central Michigan University in 2006. Now a Registered Dietician and Personal Trainer, Holly Klamer, specializes in sports nutrition and weight loss. She is the founder of Step Ahead Nutrition LLC, and contributes to several high profile in publications as well as WeightLossDiets4Women.com. Holly Klamer can be contacted at Holly.Klamer@www.weightlossdiets4women.com