How does Weight Watchers Online Work And When will You See Results

Weight Watchers has been on the scene for about 50 years offering people with meal plans, products and support to assist them with weight loss. Weight Watchers offer two approaches to weight loss – the Online program and the in person Meetings. They are both separate and usually the online participants are not eligible to go in for the monthly meetings. This video gives you an introduction to Weight Watchers Online.

What are the principles behind Weight Watchers Online?

The online program of the Weight Watchers uses the same principles as the in person program. The online program allows flexibility in its usage.

You are not tied down to a weekly meeting and weigh in sessions.

The online program helps you keep your identity private and allows you to access numerous tools and resources that may not be available to in person participants.
How does it work?

Weight Watchers is based on scientific principles and if used correctly you will see success with your weight loss or weight maintenance.

The online tool allows you to keep track of your food intake and point system.

You can get support by participating in the message boards, get approved recipes from the website and get tips for incorporating physical activity in your life.

The Point system calculates a 1000 calorie deficit for weight loss and once you get to your goal, you start a maintenance phase where you slowly add back calories until you no longer gain or lose weight. This phase lasts for six weeks typically.

The point value of each food is based on its macronutrient content and fiber content. The foods with higher fat and carbohydrates are higher and you get credit for a high fiber food.

Depending on your goal weight you have 26 to 50 points to spend. Fruits and vegetables have 0 point value. You also get some additional weekly points.

Where can you find support?

The online program requires motivation and dedication on your part. Since you will be missing out on monthly meetings with the counselor, you must be self-driven. You should also be particular about logging in your food intake. You can contact other dieters through message boards and get support. However, for the most part you are doing it by yourself. As long as you stick with the plan and follow the guidelines, you will be able to achieve your goals without meeting with a counselor.
Is Weight Watchers Online only for the USA?

The Weight Watchers online program is very popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. In addition, it is available in 30 other countries. The point system is slightly different for each country depending on the nutrition label, but the basic principle remains the same.
What is the cost of Weight Watchers Online?

The Weight Watchers online is about $18.95 per month with a signup fee of $29.95. If you buy 3 months at a time, you may get a discount.
Is the price justified?

The cost factor is what keeps most people away from Weight Watchers. However, this approach for dietary and lifestyle changes keeps you accountable and helps you with your weight loss goals.

It allows you to choose your foods without any restrictions and it does not tout a certain food group. You can easily fit this plan into your lifestyle as long you keep track of your food budget.

This program also helps lay foundation to lead healthy life.
When will you see results?

The online tool is self-paced and therefore you will see results at the pace you set. The program is as good as you make it work for you. If you are diligent with your intake and you stay within your allowed points each day, you will see results sooner than if you were to not follow the plan.

Tip: Adding exercise to the mix will speed up your metabolism and you will see better results sooner.

In a nutshell, the Weight Watchers online program is convenient and customized to fit your need. It does require work from your part but is easy to follow. The plan is based on scientific principles and encourages you to make changes that will stay with you for a long time.

How Step-Ups and Lunges Will Help You Shed the Fat and Shape Your Body

In this article I am going to discuss how step-ups, lunges and side lunges will not only help you get smaller and more defined, but will give you needed strength and stability in your hip joint…which is more important than you may know.

Shaping the lower body – like JLos

Let’s face it…ever since JLo and Beyonce hit the scene it has been all about the booty!

When it comes to wearing bathing suits and form fitting clothing there is nothing like feeling as though you look your best. Going out and socializing becomes a lot more fun while clothes shopping takes on a more satisfying feel to it.

3 exercises good for shaping the lower body

These three exercises are beneficial for shaping the lower body because they work all of the major muscle groups from the hips down. Your quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner and outer thighs and even your calves will morph into a shape you have always dreamed of and for this reason alone I’m betting you would give these moves a fair shot.

Providing strength and flexibility to your hip joints is an added benefit to these exercises. The possibility of the knees, back and shoulder joints overcompensating and becoming injured due to lack of proper range of motion from tight hip flexors (thanks to sitting for long periods of time daily) is often dealt with yet not understood.

As always, if you are new to strength training or a specific exercise in general, I highly recommend you to begin with no external resistance (no weights) to learn proper form and then progress to a more challenging version only when you have mastered the movement itself.

1.  Step-Ups

Step-ups are great because they not only provide amazing cardiovascular benefits and burn plenty of calories, but since steps are a part of life and we never know when the elevator may be out of order…why not be prepared? Begin light by using a single step in your home or somewhere steps are present and get used to the repetition.

Once you are comfortable, feel free to increase the intensity by either adding height or light weights.

Check out this video by for a visual demonstration of how to do this exercise properly.

2.  Lunges

Although lunges aren’t easy, they do offer wonderful benefits. While this exercise strengthens the glutes, quads and surrounding muscles, once done properly lunges have the ability to help you control gravity’s impact on downward movement.

I recommend beginning with a stationary lunge with the option of holding onto something to help you with balance as you build up the strength required to support your body weight.

For a visual set of instructions, watch this.

3. Side/Lateral Lunges

While regular lunges are effective for shaping and strengthening the entire lower body, side lunges offer the same benefits yet feature the inner and outer thighs more prominently.

As you step out laterally to do the lunge, you are working the outer hip using hip abduction and bringing it back to starting position using your inner thigh, otherwise known as hip adduction.  Your standing leg is working to stabilize the movement, so it is also reaping the rewards of this exercise.

Adding side lunges to your routine enables you to get benefits from using multiple planes of movement. In life we move in a variety of different directions, so it only makes sense to incorporate multi-directional forms of fitness into your routine.

See the demonstration here and give it a try!

As always, start slow, master your form and add resistance as needed for proper progression. If you are consistent, you will shape your body into something you have only dreamed about J

Is Soy Good for Losing Weight?

In this article, Betsy Thurston (RD) explains why there are several controversies related to the health benefits of soy.

Soy is very popular with people following vegan or vegetarian diets. Soy is a complete protein that has a low glycemic index and has low saturated fat content as compared to animal sources of protein. Soybean is a species of legumes and has been consumed for years in several Asian cultures.

The protein content of the natural Soya chunks is very high. It has about 52 percent of protein and only 1.5 percent of fat. This combination makes it a good choice for fat loss. Consuming protein can help you feel full faster and stay sated longer. The proteins from animal sources may introduce saturated fat in your diet that can increase the risk of heart diseases. The lean protein in the soy products can help you build muscle mass that will increase your metabolism, which in turn causes weight loss.

Can soy based products help reduce weight?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information carried out a study in 2003 involving 100 obese adults. The study group was given a soy based diet for 12 weeks and the control group continued to have a regular diet.

At the end of 12 weeks, the research showed that the participants of the study group lost almost double the amount of weight when compared to the control group. The study group also lowered their cholesterol levels significantly. This study did not find any side effects related to consuming soy products. The study concluded replacing regular foods with soy based products can help reduce weight.

Soy products approved as cholesterol lowering food

FDA has approved soy products as a cholesterol lowering food. Fermented soy or tempeh has been proven to reduce the LDL cholesterol.

The American Heart Association does not however, recommend taking isolflavone supplement. (Isoflavones are chemical compounds found in plants of the bean family) Isoflavones are the soy phytoestrogens.

Using soy products along with other heart healthy products and exercise can lower your cholesterol levels.

Are genetically modified soy beans harmful?

Genetically modified soy beans use fewer amounts of pesticides when compared to the regular crop.

The herbicides used for genetically modified soy is not harmful to humans. The genetically engineered soy is easier to cultivate and it preserves the soil content. There have been some reports of developing food allergies by consuming genetically engineered soy products. Several allergists recommend avoiding genetically engineered food including soy.

Is Soy a cause for thyroid enlargement?

Soy is considered a goitrogen which promotes the formation of goiter (enlarged thyroid). Several grains, vegetables and plant food fall into this category. Several factors affect the formation of goiter, such as iodine deficiency, presence of other goitrogens in diet and defects of hormone production. Soy alone is not a cause for thyroid enlargement.

In the event that a person does have hypothyroidism, they may have some difficulty with weight loss.

Thus soy protein is a complete protein that can be successfully incorporated into your diet. It has more health benefits rather than harmful factors. Some studies have linked soy beans to cancer in rats, but the results are not conclusive. Over cooked soy transforms to textured vegetable protein or TVP. This product is carcinogenic and should be avoided. Roasted soy nuts should also be avoided as it can become rancid and carcinogenic the longer it stays on the shelf. More studies are definitely needed to draw conclusions.

In conclusion, soy is a good substitute for animal protein. When used along with other wholesome foods, it can be helpful in lowering weight and cholesterol levels. Despite the controversy surrounding soy, it is a good product when consumed as part of a calorie controlled and planned meal.