Differences between Weight Watchers Meetings and Weight Watchers Online

In this article you will read about the differences between Weight Watchers main options, Meetings and Online, and you will be advised by our expert dietitian, Holly Klamer (HD) how to choose the right plan for you.

What’s like at a Weight Watchers’ Meeting?

Watch this video to have a peek into a Weight Watchers meeting.

Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss plan that involves choosing foods based on a points system and the ability to create a customized individual plan for your weight loss goals.

Weight Watchers is known for its success with weekly weigh-ins and meetings.  Many people have successfully lost weight with this program.

These meetings offer support, education and accountability.

Weekly meetings consist of confidential weigh-ins, help with goal setting, chance to meet others, learn new tips and get encouraged or inspired.

Meetings are guided by leaders who have lost weight with Weight Watchers, and they can offer practical suggestions and support.

How can you find a Weight Watchers Meeting location?

Meeting sites can be found easily on their website, weightwatchers.com.  On the home page, there is a small text on the top of the page that says “Find A Meeting”.  Clicking on this will take you to a page to enter in your zip code or city and state.  From there, a map will come up with meeting sites around you with the times they meet.

What is Weight Watchers Online?

An alternative to Weight Watchers weekly meetings is to do Weight Watchers online.  This option allows you to design a customized weight loss plan and have access to it anytime and anywhere over the internet.

Watch this video to see what you get when you sign up to Weight Watchers Online.

On Weight Watchers Online there is an online tracker for food, exercise and progress in reaching your weight goal.

Who is Weight Watchers Online for?

This option would work well for people who are unable to make the weekly meetings, are self motivated and enjoy spending time online and receiving information this way.

Weight Watchers online is also good for people who like to keep detailed track of their food intake and exercise and can enter their information easily on a computer or mobile phone.

Which option is better for you?

For people using Weight Watchers for the first time, I recommend going to the weekly meetings if possible.  As a dietitian working in weight loss, accountability is a key factor for many people for success in reaching weight goals.

The interaction in a group setting through the meetings is a great way to ask questions and get ideas for continued success in weight loss.  If you feel uncomfortable talking in a group, that is not a problem.  You do not have to talk.  The group support and accountability is a valuable part of success in weight loss.

If you cannot make any meeting times, then the online option would work best as you can access it anytime.  You can even use it on your smart phone, so this option would work well for people who are attached to technology and are constantly on the go.  It can help you find the best choices at the grocery store, stay on track while dining out and log exercise time at the gym!

However, Weight Watchers Online offers limited personal support or accountability compared to Weight Watchers Meetings.

Either option can work as long as you follow your plan for eating your allotted food points and exercise.  Weight Watchers explains their food points system and guidelines for tracking and exercise suggestions for both options.

Weight Loss Tip: The weekly meetings may have an advantage of offering accountability and support from others for any barriers that come along the way.

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