Privacy Policy

The Website constantly strives to ensure superior User satisfaction upon the use of its products and services. In line with this goal, the Website is implementing the necessary procedures and systems to keep the information of the Users highly confidential. It is the Website’s commitment to disclose to the Users the processes in relation to the personal data provided.


This Privacy Policy outlines the strategies the Website employs to make sure that privacy of information and User safety and security within the Website remain of paramount priority. Through these policies, we are confident that the Users will experience a highly protected environment where their interests come first and foremost.

What is the User information required in the Website

The information required from the Users is solely restricted to their email address which is needed if the User wishes to respond to posts by leaving a comment or when using the Contact form. Responding to comments or using the Contact form is voluntary when using the Website. The User email address is required so that the administrators of the Website can respond to User requests.Only the email address is required to use certain functions of the Website which entails that other personal data such as names, birthdays or addresses are not gathered.

Why is information collected

The given information, such as comments in response to posts, is monitored to further improve the Website for the benefit of the User. Through this information the Website administrators are able to know what the Users think of the Website services.

User email details are not used by the Website for sending Newsletters or any emails from the Website. The Website does not contact the User(s) in the form of electronic newsletters.

When information will be disclosed

User information may be provided to authorities for legal matters and if required by the law.

Information Security

Security of User information is the Website’s topmost concern since it establishes lasting trust between the Website and the Users. This confidential information is only available to the top level administrator of the Website and not to any editors, or contributors to the Website.

The administrators of the Website implement the latest solutions to prevent hacking or any compromise of the content of the Website.

The existing security systems are always duly updated and enhanced for a higher level of safety the Website administration which is password protected.

Third Party Relations

The Website aims to strengthen the relationship with the Users. Even though the Website may promote the services or products of third parties, Users are strongly ensured of the confidentiality of their personal information. These third parties have no access to User information through the Website.

The Website features the current products and services of third party, often known as affiliate merchants. It is highly advisable for Users to review the privacy policies found on the website of these parties to ensure that they are well-informed and protected before making any transaction.

Use of Cookies

Users should be aware that if they click on certain links within the Website, that are affiliated to third parties, this may activate the installation of cookies in their browsing system. These cookies are used by the third parties to monitor any leads or sales the User may make in their websites and credit such leads or sales to the Website.


Users who are contributors to the Website can have their information easily changed through accessing their profile page in the Website.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms detail the applicable rules and guidelines when using the Website. It is recommended that Users fully understand these Terms before using the Website. Once the Users use the Website, they are duly accepting the privacy policy on that certain period.

Privacy Policy Updates

Modifications and updates on these policies are possible without prior notification to Users.

For further information, comments or questions, they User may fill out the Contact form.