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We welcome articles related to weight loss diets for women from qualified Dieticians, Personal Training Specialists, Fitness Consultants, Sports Medicine Specialists or similar professionals.

Your target audience is women, age 35-55 who live in the USA (mainly Mid/West). Use US English.

Ensure a consulting approach by:

  • Offering credible advice
  • Gain credibility at the start of your articles. Provide details of relevant experience or qualifications.
  • Provide facts and figures

Have an academic/scientific approach – but always explain scientific words, as you would to a private client.

Make sure your article is easy to read. Break your article into paragraphs and choose meaningful titles for each paragraph. Titles can be in the form of questions.

Ensure your content passes Copyscape which detects any line or sentence or part of sentence taken from other publications or websites. Even if you provide a definition of a term, please ensure you give it in your own words.

Ensure your content is original. Write about a topic that is not already discussed on the web in many other publications. For example: “Weightloss effects of green tea” is not an original topic even if you write it in your own words. Other writers have already exhausted this topic. However, something more original could be: “Psychological and physiological effects of a green tea diet on women age 45-55”. That is more specific and original.

Reach people by writing from your heart – as if they were friends.

Promotional articles will not be accepted. You can use your Resource Box to receive two links to your website.

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